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Erin Edgington French Teacher
MARS 2024
Meet the people behind the Alliance Française de Reno.
We couldn't be here without them!
Erin Edgington
Founding Board Member

Her journey with the French language and culture is absorbing, inspirational and unusual... as she has never been to France!

Erin first encountered French in her mother’s old, dusty paperback copy of War and Peace, which she couldn’t figure out at the early age of 10 or 11.

But that did not stop Erin!  Her interest in the language persisted, and the old movies she watched with her grandmother introduced her to the culture as well.


Her fascination for the finer things in life kept growing as she dreamt of glamorous adventures and eating fine French cuisine in the capital of luxury, Paris.

But there's more to Erin than meets the eye.  Read on to discover her unusual confession and her wise advice.

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