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Learn French!
Live French!
Love French 

Don't know which class to take?
The key to mastering a new language and having a wonderful learning experience is starting with a class that is right for you!
Unless you're a complete beginner and qualify for the Beginner's class. 

Take a free Placement Test that you can download here

At the Alliance Française Reno, we strive to keep our class fees as low as possible. Our small class sizes and experienced teachers ensure that you get the best value for your language learning experience. In addition to our competitive rates, we offer discounts for early registration, multiple courses, continuing students and couples.


If you are interested in private lessons, you can learn more and book here.

Classes & Conversational French

Meet Your instructors
Amber Panwitz

Amber Panwitz

Adult and Advanced "Ripped from Headlines" Instructor

Keke Kelly

Keke Kelly

Children & Beginner Adult Class Instructor

Jessica Poeppelman

Jessica Poeppelman

Beginner Adult Class Instructor

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