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Meet your Instructor

Keke Kelly

Beginner and Children classes

Keke Kelly has been learning and speaking French since childhood.

She obtained her Master's Degree in International Education from the University of Bordeaux INSPE where her research focused on inclusive language practices in both U.S. and French education settings.

Providing K-6 English language curriculum support in La Sarthe (a western department of France) gave Keke valuable experience in translingual collaboration, as well as exposure to multicultural professional development.

She relocated from France to the Reno metropolitan area at the start of the pandemic, and has since focused primarily on supplemental education for students with learning challenges and international student support.

Keke is currently a PhD student at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Equity, Diversity, and Language Education program at the College of Education and Human Development, where her research interests include heritage language revitalization,  multilingualism, transnationalism, citizenship, and identity. 

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